Leadership Focus

A practical perspective to organization leadership and communication

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Papers and Articles

Leadership and Management:

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Leadership is the capacity of a person to guide and inspire other people to achieve results. When you learn practical leadership skills, you have the ability to motivate, coach, communicate with, and teach employees in such a way that they are more effective in their jobs and, as a result, you become more effective in your job. The leadership and management papers and articles present results from studies, literature reviews, practical application, and professional presentations in addition to insight into contemporary leadership theory.

Interpersonal Communication:


Communication occurs in any situation that involves sending a message to another person, whether it is in a presentation to many people, or simply informing someone of a an operational problem, communication skills are involved. Regardless of the degree of importance, you want to be confident that the recipient clearly receives your message the way you intended. By examining the components of good communication skills, you become a more efficient communicator within your organization.